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Heavy Construction Equipment Rental in Bangladesh


The basis for any job well done is a good excavator. Every excavator in our rental range offers multiple application possibilities, high productivity and optimal maneuverability. This makes each machine a multifunctional solution. Apart from digging trenches and construction shafts, a Graaver machine is your best friend for building a terrace or a sidewalk, pruning bushes and trees, demolishing and sorting as well as transporting waste. The possibilities are endless.

First, let's answer the question: why is it better to rent an excavator for garden work or digging trenches? Because it's definitely better for your health! Working with a mini or midi excavator saves your back, shoulders and knees, which translates into a reduced risk of injury. Plus, the excavator does the work you would have to do yourself, by hand, with a shovel. Take the smallest machine, the TB210: as small and precise as an excavator, but a hundred times more powerful and faster. And finally, when you rent a compact multi-purpose machine, you can be sure that you have the right machine (in the best condition) for the job. Of course, renting costs much less than buying, so you contribute to a sustainable partial economy. Nothing but advantages.

Of course, every job requires expertise. Both the operator and the machine. The right equipment is essential for this. That's why offers mini-excavators that work with the utmost precision. If you have a good Graaver machine, you've already done half the work!

Preparing a plot of land for construction is an understatement. To do this, you almost always have to clear a large amount of soil, remove it and level it. You will then preferably work with a multipurpose machine, a rough diamond that is suitable for both heavy-duty work and extremely precise tasks. If the soil has been contaminated with hazardous substances, you will need to take extra care and clean up the soil responsibly. For an extremely robust and stable excavator (between 3.5 and 15 tons) with high quality air conditioning and the best pressure relief system, this job will not be a problem at all.

Would you like to know which piece of equipment is best suited to your work? And how to make the best use of it? Ask our rental company in your area for advice on choosing the right machine and equipment. He will be happy to help you. Good to know: every machine in our rental fleet is equipped with a hydraulic quick coupler as standard, so you can change attachments in no time. The attachments can be rented separately or with the machines.


Or many contractors, it makes more sense to rent equipment they don't need on a daily basis than to buy it. After all, what's the point of buying expensive tools and paying for their periodic maintenance if they're hardly ever used?

That's one of the reasons why more and more contractors are turning to excavator rentals instead of buying them.


Excavators are very versatile pieces of construction equipment, allowing you to considerably reduce the effort and time required to complete several types of work.


As their name indicates, excavators are designed primarily to excavate, i.e. dig the ground.

There are many types of excavation work that can be done much more efficiently with a rental excavator:

Digging a trench or ditch;

Digging a basement;

Excavating foundations;

Waterproofing foundations;

Installing an irrigation or drainage system;

And many other projects that require excavating the ground.

No matter what the project is, if you need to dig the ground, you can significantly reduce the time required by renting heavy equipment rather than relying on hand tools.

Not to mention that excavators also make it easier to manage the amount of soil excavated. Thanks to their articulated arm, you can use them to put the soil in a trailer or a dump truck and then dispose of it at the desired location.


In conclusion, renting an excavator can bring you many benefits, as long as you choose the right options regarding the model rented, the duration of the rental and all the other aspects discussed in this article.

To make sure you make the right decision and avoid hassles, rent your excavator from BdRentz. Our consultants will guide you to the heavy equipment you need and will propose a rental formula adapted to your needs. Contact us now!

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