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Find the right Contractor, EPC, and Project

It might be difficult for a single yard owner/equipment owner to be connected with the right project partners for his/her equipment/fleet. BdRentz: THE LARGEST EQUIPMENT RENTAL NETWORK’s professional rental advisors are always up to date with the demand for equipment in different construction projects of Bangladesh. BdRentz will ensure the right contractor and projects for its equipment owner.

Ensure quick rental business

Working with numbers of mega, national construction projects of Bangladesh; BdRentz is being able to ensure equipment rental for its rental partners.

Increase fleet utilization

As BdRentz explores hundreds of construction projects and regularly access the requirement for different equipment in the projects, BdRentz easily increase fleet utilization of a fleet/yard owner.

Highest Rental Amount

BdRentz ensure highest rental amount on each equipment through proper assessment of project works and conditions.

Maximum duty

The rental advisors of BdRentz ensure maximum duty of each equipment running in different construction projects.

Log-Sheet Maintenance

Log-Sheet of Each equipment is crucial for rental hours and revenue calculation. BdRentz’s rental advisors manage the log-sheet of rental equipment manually and digitally with logbook software and professional communication with the project partners.

heavy equipment rental partner in Bangladesh

Technology based operation (Efficiency)

Online based operation, BdRentz Trackers, digital logbook, universal key all together ensuring efficiency in operation of BdRentz Billing, Ledger (Transparency) Tracking, Digital Logbook, professional advisors are making billing and ledger 100% transparent and upto date with clients and equipment owner ensuring revenue collection and maximum duty.

Revenue Collection and Maximum Business

BdRentz ensures revenue collection on behalf of our rental partners. It also ensure maximum duty and business for the equipment owner.