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How heavy construction equipment rental companies are helping in the development projects in Bangladesh


Construction equipment has experienced significant development in recent years. For construction tasks, this equipment's adaptability is superior. Excavators are a prime example of significant and often utilized equipment in the construction sector. Their primary application is for excavation, but they are often employed for a variety of other tasks, such as heavy lifting, demolition, river dredging, tree cutting, etc. Construction equipment suppliers are the finest choice for any construction project because they are more affordable. Construction project firms consider construction equipment rental companies to be a privilege. Renting equipment has various advantages, including not requiring significant capital expenditures, saving time, and receiving all the most modern tools needed for a building project.


The rental company collects all the required equipment from around the world. They even collect from small suppliers so they can utilize this equipment in various forms. As small suppliers would not be able to reach big construction project companies. This is how this company works to help construction project companies reach their goals. The need for heavy equipment rental firms in Bangladesh is growing as the days go by. People have faith in the assets of rental equipment suppliers. Through this renting process, many small constructions project companies get encouraged to come up with more projects with the help of rental equipment.  This way both parties get subsidized in their business. The demand for heavy equipment rental companies in Bangladesh is increasing.

Projects where BdRentz rental company is involved


Metro rail project Dhaka

One of the dream projects of Bangladesh. In Dhaka, Bangladesh's capital and busiest city, a mass rapid transit system known as the Dhaka Metro is now being built. It has long been advocated for in order to reduce the enormous traffic jams and congestion that occur daily throughout the entire city, one of the worst in the world, together with a separate light rapid transit (LRT) system. It is a component of the 20-year Strategic Transport Plan (STP) put forth by the governmental Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA).


Elevated expressway Dhaka

It is one of the biggest infrastructure initiatives the current administration has undertaken to reduce traffic in the nation's capital. The Shahjalal Airport will be connected to Kutubkhali by the Dhaka Elevated Expressway, which will run through Mohakhali, Tejgaon, and Kamalapur in Bangladesh.


Matarbari plot

The government chose to transform the Matarbari seaport  into a deep sea port after it was initially constructed for the Matarbari coal-fired power station. It is being built at Matarbari in the Bangladeshi district of Cox's Bazar's Maheshkhali Upazila.


Airport terminal 3 project

The terminal is being built on 542,000 square meters of land and will feature a floor area of 230,000 square meters, 177 check-in counters, and 64 departure and 64 arrival immigration offices, according to project sources.


Fly dining

At Sugandha Point in Cox's Bazar Sea beach, a flying restaurant entitled "Fly Dining" has begun its trip. The restaurant will offer food and drink facilities 160 feet above the surface of the beach, ensuring complete safety with the aid of cutting-edge machine cranes. On the west side of the restaurant, a crane arrives and takes a seat in the open area. During a particular reading, a sort of roof has been maintained open all around the 20-person capacity chairs, tables, and umbrellas. The center of the crane's head and the platform are attached to a unique crane that is constructed of a mix of steel and aluminum.