Connect Your Equipment

Every rental machine with BdRentz rental is powered by Trackers BD, a smart technology and telematics solution built specially for contractors and equipment owner. Tracking gives you access to unprecedented insights about your equipment. View utilization rates, invoices and real-time equipment GPS location.

  • Connect Every Assets
  • Monitor Equipment’s work hours and time
  • Real time location of your machine, vehicle and materials
  • Get Equipment Utilization report easily.
  • Digital Work Order
  • Historical Data
  • Get More Work Done by analyzing the data
  • Manage your mixed fleet, monitor hours worked.
  • Engine Status and runtime of connected machines.
  • Location of every machine.
  • Status of Every Digital work Order of your fleet.
  • Detailed report on utilization, trips, and rentals.
  • Build Custom reports for the insights you want.
  • Alerts
  • Set Custom Alerts to know every time your machine enters or exits a Geofence.
  • Push Alerts of fuel levels and engine health.
  • Speeding, Engine Data and more.


  • Dashboard
  • Digital work order, Digital log sheet simplify and streamline business operation.
  • Identify recurring issues across your fleet.
  • Stay productive and save money.

Sentry Keypad

With BdRentz Track, no one can use your equipment unless you authorized digitally. Sentry Keypad and the Track combine to give you round-the-clock control over your fleet.

  • Sentry Keypad
  • Prevent theft and unauthorized use of your machine, equipment, vehicles with BdRentz Sentry Keypad.
  • Unique Access to authorized operator/drivers.
  • Multiple Access and Digital Lockdown.

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