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top 5 heavy construction equipment suppliers in bangladesh


Bangladesh has recently seen economic growth. Bangladesh has a large number of active development projects owing to the nation's rising economy. Projects such as the Karnafully Tunnel, Padma Bridge, and Dhaka Metro rail. Since there are numerous construction projects underway.  With the market growth, there is also raised demand for construction equipment and equipment rental.

This growth is also likely to increase business for the top 5 heavy construction equipment supplier companies, led by Bangladesh.


What does construction equipment do?

The construction businesses require the assistance of the construction equipment rental company to finish these projects. Trucks, cranes, bulldozers, cement mixers, pile drivers, and other tools are sold or rented to construction contractors by equipment suppliers. They enable manufacturers in selling their products and assist contractors in locating the best tools for the job. Dealers need to be very knowledgeable about the various tools and construction techniques. Some dealers could be experts in a specific brand or category of machinery, such as equipment for building roads. Others may sell entire lines of equipment, including hand tools, air compressors, power lifts, and asphalt rollers, and handle the products of multiple businesses. The majority of dealers have a service division of some kind.


Many distributors operate independently and own their dealerships or sales organizations. Typically, franchise agreements between dealers and one or more manufacturers exist. In a franchise arrangement, the manufacturer provides the equipment, the building, and the surrounding land, which are all owned by the dealers. Dealers need to be skilled business managers as well as skilled salespeople because this is a major financial investment. They oversee all aspects of the business's finances, such as inventory, overhead, and marketing or advertising. To sell and rent the equipment, dealers must also oversee a group of sales representatives.


 Not only that distributors manage salesmen and office personnel, as well as engage with clients and suppliers, for most of their time at the dealership. They might only work in heated and air-conditioned offices for a portion of the day. They might spend the remaining time outside on the lot demonstrating the rental or for-sale equipment to consumers. Since they run their own businesses, dealers frequently put in more than forty hours a week.

Top 5 construction equipment suppliers


  • BdRentz

    THE LARGEST EQUIPMENT RENTAL NETWORK is the marketplace of heavy construction equipment rentals. Our 200+ rental partners and 1,000+ pieces of equipment represent the largest equipment rental network in the nation. We simplify the procurement and logistics challenges of renting construction equipment. BdRentz provides long-term and short-term rental of heavy construction equipment all over Bangladesh. BdRentz is an operator of an online construction equipment rental marketplace. However, BdRentz is working offline as well. The company streamlines the rental process for both the customer and the supplier by simplifying the procurement and logistics challenges of renting construction equipment. BdRentz drives revenue, broaden their reach and increase their overall utilization for equipment suppliers. BdRentz is having partnerships with equipment fleet owners, yard owners, and contractors.


  • Mazada Group

     Established in 2001. Even though it was small, it had a committed team of young and spirited professionals who were determined to become the leading service provider in a variety of industries, including heavy construction equipment, cranes, port equipment, automobile suppliers, power generation equipment suppliers, generators, EPC & Turnkey Project handling, infrastructure, land & property development, inland roads, and water.


  • Ayesha Corporation

    Ayesha Corporation was founded in 2009 with the goal of revolutionizing Bangladesh's market for heavy machinery. Due to extraordinary skill, perseverance, and hard work, it has become one of the top companies in our sector. Importers, suppliers, rental service providers, corporate or government buyers, contractors, hire purchase dealers, individuals, parts item sellers, groups of operators, helpers, mechanics, and other service-providing third parties are just a few of the parties involved in the heavy construction equipment market.


  • Al Shafi Enterprise

    The purpose of Al Shafi Enterprise, which was established 22 years ago, was to offer all types of building services in Bangladesh. Since our founding, we have operated successfully and earned a solid reputation. For varied building projects, we hire a variety of heavy construction machinery. The Padma Bridge, the Barapukuria Coal Mining Plant, the Dhaka Chattagram 4 Lane Highway, the Matarbari Steam Power Plant, the Dhaka Airport 3rd Terminal Project, the Dhaka Metro railway, the Ruppur Power Plant Project, etc. are just a few of the national construction projects that we have so far rented out our most recent and modern heavy machinery to.


  • Musashi Bangladesh Japan Ltd.

    Musashi Bangladesh Japan Ltd. (MBJ) was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing high-quality and top-class branded products sales, rental, and any sort of services related to construction machinery and equipment. The company's motto is "Serve the best, be the best." Musashi Bangladesh Japan Ltd. (MBJ) is a partnership between the Global Company of Japan and Bangladesh. Construction heavy equipment rental, sales, and supporting services, as well as diesel engine generator sales and supporting services, are Musashi Bangladesh Japan Ltd.'s (MBJ) core commercial activities in Bangladesh.